Differentiators of a Leading SD-WAN Solution: With QOS Networks CEO, Frank Cittadino, VeloCloud SDWAN 360 Podcast with Rohan Naggi and Frank Cittadino of QOS Networks

Differentiators of a Leading SD-WAN Solution: With QOS Networks CEO, Frank Cittadino

Recently, we had the opportunity to tune into VeloCloud’s SD-WAN 360 series with Rohan Naggi, Product Manager at VeloCloud. In this episode, we chatted about the differentiators among leading SD-WAN providers and what to look for when selecting a SD-WAN vendor.




Introduction to SD-WAN 360 Podcast
00:00:34: Frank Cittadino From QOS Networks
00:02:01: Frank Speaking
00:03:23: What makes QOS Network stand out? What do customer look in to lock down a vendor? Is customer looking for an end to end solution starting from design to deployment to post support?
00:07:00: Where do you see natural fit in for enterprise customers, are these across multiple verticals?
00:08:15: Could you talk more about the recent use case? how did the VMware SD-WAN solution fit in and what made QOS win the customer Account?
00:12:20: Any other use case were QOS Networks has helped the customer from very start ” design to deployment to Support.
00:19:08: With 20,000 plus active customer sites with SD-WAN deployments, What are some of the VMware SD-WAN features customers look out for when it comes to VMware SD-WAN? Is it the simplicity, cloud GW architecture or Application performance or all of above?
00:22:48: How to operationalize the SDWAN using QOS NOC , how do you leverage REST API, Integration with Service now or other partners.
00:27:30: Where do you see SD-WAN heading? What’s next big for SD-WAN? SD-WAN vision?