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QOS Networks on Track for 500% Growth in 2018

The SD-WAN managed network services provider has claimed the top spot for SD-WAN implementation and management   [July 18th, 2018] Irvine, California: QOS Networks has experienced an explosive last 12 months of growth. The Managed Network…

The New Definition of Downtime

In the world of IT operations, things change quickly. Hardware and software can evolve in the blink of an eye. Even the newest technology today will likely be obsolete in a matter of months. But technology isn’t the only thing that evolves.
Sandler Partners SoCal Summit

Sandler Partners SoCal Partner Summit

Our partnership with Sandler Partners works in everyone’s favor to significantly extend the QOS channel presence. We attended the SoCal Partner Summit on October 25, when Frank Cittadino, CEO of QOS, unveiled the new solution suite during the SD-WAN and Connectivity Panel.
Partnership with Sandler Partners

Our Partnership with Sandler Partners

QOS Consulting (QOS) announced a formal partnership with Sandler Partners, America’s fastest-growing distributor of connectivity and cloud services, for QOS’ bundle of SD-WAN solutions leveraging best-in-class SD WAN, Service Management, and Security solutions.

The 3 Reasons Agents Choose to Partner with Us

In your world as an agent, choosing the right partner can be extremely difficult. We’ve boiled down exactly why agents choose to partner with us into three distinct reasons.
New office

Here We Grow Again

Under the leadership of Frank Cittadino, we’ve had a rapid surge of expansion. We’ve grown both our company and our need for a bigger and better office space. And that’s exactly why we’re moving to our new office in Irvine, California to accommodate us.
Cloud Strategy

Is Your Cloud Strategy Stuck in the Past?

To stay ahead of the continuously changing digital landscape, you must keep your cloud security strategy updated. A three year old strategy is severely outdated by today’s standards.
Security Automation from QOS Consulting

What Security Automation Really Means for You

Over 2,000 years ago, an inventor by the name of Ktesibios of Alexandria discovered how to automate the process of keeping time. He utilized the constancy of dripping water to measure the passage of time. He used a container with graduated grooves…
List of benefits for ITIL

The Top 5 Business Benefits for Following ITIL Best Practices

ITIL is currently the world’s leading framework for ITSM best practices. Many of the world’s top companies utilize ITIL practices to better their businesses. Learn the top 5 benefits from its implementation.
Interconnected with ESM

Why Enterprise Service Management is Good for Your Company’s IT

What if there were a solution that utilized IT services that could streamline all processes? There is, and it’s called enterprise service management.